July 31, 2023 marked the first day of a new era for Europe’s leading metal festival – MetalDays. With a picturesque backdrop of Lake Velenje, abundant sunshine, and positive energy, the festival reopened to its loyal audience, providing a memorable experience. This report will highlight the events of the first day, showing you why this new location is a unique destination for all metal lovers.

The MetalDays festival, once located in the picturesque Slovenian town of Tolmin, has now made its home at the beautiful new location – Vista Park on Lake Velenje. This new festival home successfully combines pristine nature and a top-notch view of the lake, creating a perfect environment for this metal spectacle.

Equilibrium, Metaldays 2023, foto: Slavica Rudec

Equilibrium, Metaldays 2023, foto: Slavica Rudec

The first day of the festival kicked off at the Beach Stage/New Forces where the young and talented band Anakim opened the day around noon, followed by Naire, Basement Torture Killing, Peace Is Just a Break, Dead Corcoras, and Element, rounding off an impressive line-up of young talents.

The Main Stage A ushered the audience into a full day of top-notch performers, starting with Secret Sphere in the early afternoon, through Venus 5, Wolfheart, and Thundermother, all the way to the eagerly anticipated performances of Biohazard, Kreator, and Carcass.

New York hardcore punk band Biohazard, known for their unique mix of hardcore punk, heavy metal, and hip hop, performed some of their most well-known hits, including “Urban Discipline”, “Tales From the Hard Side”, “Punishment”, and “Hold My Own”. Their energetic performance greatly lifted the atmosphere among the crowd, preparing them for what was to come later in the evening.


Biohazard, Metaldays 2023, Slavica Rudec

Biohazard, Metaldays 2023, foto: Slavica Rudec

On the other main stage, Main Stage B, visitors could enjoy a diverse spectrum of genres, with Nervosa, Noctem, Cro-Mags, Terror, Equilibrium, and Napalm Death on the lineup.

Napalm Death, British pioneers of grindcore and death metal, performed a series of their most well-known tracks, including “Lucid Fairytale” and “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”, while German folk metal band Equilibrium ramped up the energy with hits such as “Rise Again” and “Born to Be Epic”.

The Fusion Stage, starting with The Voynich Code, presented a series of unique performers, including Beyond God, Blackoutt, Temperance, and Messa. Italian power symphonic metal band Temperance, fronted by the vocals of Michele Guaitoli and Kristin Starkey, performed several of their most popular songs, including “The Last Hope in a World of Hopes” and “Diamanti”.

KREATOR, Metaldays 2023, foto: Slavica Rudec

As the day gradually transitioned into night, the musical performance was still at its peak. Kreator, German thrash metal giants, took the Main Stage A at 9:30 PM, performing a series of their hits, including “Hate Über Alles”, “666 – World Divided”, and “Satan Is Real”. This just once again proved why the MetalDays festival is a favorite destination for all metal lovers.

As the crown of the evening, British extreme metal band Carcass took the stage around 11 PM. Their performance of “Buried Dreams”, “Tools of the Trade”, and “316L Grade Surgical Steel” undoubtedly left the audience breathless, ending the first day of the festival with timeless heavy notes.


Carcass, Biohazard, Metaldays 2023, foto: Slavica Rudec

Carcass, Metaldays 2023, foto: Slavica Rudec

After a full day of musical expansiveness and experiences, it can safely be said that the MetalDays festival not only successfully started its new chapter on Lake Velenje but exceeded all expectations. With a wealth of talented performers taking the various stages, the festival provided an unforgettable day for all present, confirming its status as the most distinguished European metal festival.

Each performer contributed to the unique character of the festival, offering a blend of genres and styles that satisfied everyone’s taste. From early performances on the Beach Stage/New Forces to the late hours on the main stages, the quality of performances and the professionalism of all the bands were undeniable.

The festival was more than just a display of musical talent. It was an experience that brought together metal lovers from all over the world, created a common bond through music, and celebrated a shared passion. The atmosphere was electric, the energy infectious, and the friendliness of the present audience was the heart of this impressive event.

Metaldays 2023, Slavica Rudec

Metaldays 2023, Slavica Rudec

The festival’s new home, Vista Park on Lake Velenje, exceeded all expectations. The spectacular view of the lake, the beautiful beach, and the excellent infrastructure contributed to an unforgettable impression. There is no doubt that this new location is a worthy successor to Tolmin and will provide many more unforgettable moments in the future.

The organization of the festival was at a high level, with precision and efficiency that guaranteed a smooth experience for all visitors. Everything from entrance, food and drink, to security measures and logistical support, everything was top-notch.

The MetalDays festival at Lake Velenje has shown how music festivals should be organized. By combining top-notch music, beautiful nature, and extraordinary organization, they have set a standard that will be hard to reach.

As a conclusion of the first day, it can be said that the festival successfully started its new chapter on Lake Velenje. The first day not only set high standards for the days to follow but also proved that the change of location was the right move. MetalDays festival on Lake Velenje has become a new home for all metal lovers, providing them with an unforgettable experience that they will undoubtedly carry in their hearts until the next year. As the festival continues, there is no doubt that MetalDays will continue to outdo itself, providing its audience with unforgettable moments and unforgettable memories.


Photo: Slavica Rudec
Report: Matilda Rudec